Understanding the human experience is about finding its essence. To find the core of the experience is to recognize the self of a human being, who is always free from suffering, never born, always enlightened, and always peaceful.

The book analyzes and decodes the human experience in-depth in the light of Vedanta. We need to untangle ourselves from the maze of experiences to remain unaffected by it. To penetrate the human experience is an effort for our ultimate well-being and gives us the ever satisfying result of being self-fulfilled. The freedom from desire, grief, sorrow, and establishment in fearlessness is the ultimate well-being and liberation for a thinking person.

The book tells us about the importance of the mind, its control, meditation methods, and how the mind affects our experience. It inquires into the relationship between consciousness, mind, and its objects. It focuses on Yoga, the functioning of the mind, and the means to master the mind. The discovery of the self of the experience is the most profound and liberation in itself while living.